Introducing the Divinity Collection

The entire team at Colossal HQ has been striving for the north star in delectable gifting since our creation in 2019: To create the perfect cookie.

Our classic collection is currently as close as we've come. And judging by the ravenous and loyal Colossal fans across the globe, we're confident in saying we've come pretty close.

Now we're entering the next phase in our pursuit. One full of delicious experimentation and plenty of satisfied cravings. Introducing the Divinity Collection: An ultra rare, small batch drop of the best, most daring creations ever seen in an online cookie company before. The standard has never been higher.


Each colossal cookie creation will be named a 4 digit number:

First Number: The primary grade of chocolate used in the cookie. Expect the best chocolate sourced from around the world. 

Second Number: The secondary chocolate used in the cookie. This ingredient will be more of a complimentary flavour to enhance your experience.

For both numbers above, The lower the number, the more pure the grade of chocolate used (think cacao mass). As an example, a 14 Would have a dark chocolate as the primary ingredient paired with a form of white chocolate as the secondary.


The grading system. Premium cookie drops.

Third & Fourth Numbers: A sequential number to identify the batch. For example the first cookie in the divinity collection that has a sequence of 21 will be named 21.01. The second creation that shares the sequence of 21 will be named, as expected, 21.02

We will be releasing a new flavour every 3-6 weeks going forward in very small batches. Expect cookies in the Divinity Collection to sell out in hours. Not days.

It's safe to say you've never had cookies like this before. If you expect cookies full of junk additions like candy bars, chips and other cheap ingredient, you will be left pretty disappointed, we're not the company for you. Instead, we you only want the best of the best, get ready to experience it.

To be notified of the first or next drop, sign up to the Colossal Club.

Team Colossal.