Vegan Fudged Up (6 Pack)


Experience total chocolatey indulgence that’s entirely plant based.

Bite into decadent chewiness filled with loads of fudge cookie crumble and vegan dark chocolate chunks before making your way to a handcrafted fudge centre. A vegan cookie so good, we might be giving our others a run for their money.

Perfect for: Vegans, Chocolate lovers, Dairy allergies, Egg allergies

Pair with: A tall glass of oat, almond or cashew milk, Espresso 

Available in quantities of 6 

Flour, Organic apple sauce, Fudge cookie crumbs, Vegan dark chocolate, Sugar, Organic oats, Maple syrup, Cocoa powder, Organic vanilla extract, Salt, Baking powder, Baking soda

Contains: Wheat

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