Decadent. Bold. Creative. 

These are the words most commonly associated with Colossal Cookie Co. and for good reason.

It's safe to say we live and breath the art of experience making. From the formulation of our cookie dough to our premium packaging, we aim to provide a product and level of service never seen from an online gifting company before.

Nothing motivates us more than witnessing the moments of delight our premium cookies create with every unboxing, every bite, every experience. In fact, the creation of these moments are the very fabric of what Colossal Cookie Co is all about.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Every single one of our cookies are handcrafted and made from scratch. That's right, no co-packers or machine-level processing here.
  • We actively source ingredients sustainably and where possible, 100% organic. There's a great deal that goes into our selection process and we have the contacts in place to ensure only the best make it into our premium cookies.
  • Using a team of highly skilled designers, our premium packaging is built to wow your family, friends and guests even before taking their first bite. It's a full 360 experience in delight.
  • Our cookie dough is pretty unique. In fact, it takes a full 48 hours for us to perfectly create the consistency and quality required to meet the standards we set for ourselves.
  • Every cookie is made specifically for you. There is no mass production happening here. Each premium cookie is made based on what you ordered and only what you ordered. Talk about bespoke baking practices!
  • Maintaining freshness without added preservatives is high on our priority list. That's why we individually heat seal every one of our premium cookies. From our kitchen to your doorstep, expect your cookies to arrive just as fresh as if they were right out of the oven.
  • Lastly - we know what we're doing. We have a small team that obsessively tests new flavour combinations months in advance to ensure only the most decadent, bold and creative cookies see the light of day. This is our thrill and we won't stop chasing cookie perfection.

Now get ready to experience what a premium cookie should taste like. You've never had a cookie like this before.