Elevate Employee Onboarding With Cookies

As an employer, you understand the importance of welcoming new hires with open arms. Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it's also an exciting opportunity for growth and progress. Your new employees are eager to tackle new challenges, meet their colleagues, and make a meaningful impact within your organization.

However, the first few days and weeks on the job can be stressful for new hires, as they navigate unfamiliar territory and adjust to their new roles. It's your responsibility as an employer to ensure a smooth onboarding process, and to provide your new team members with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Anxiety usually stems from uncertainty. Resulting in many questions circling inside your new hire's head as they think about their upcoming onboarding week, such as:

  • Will I fit into the corporate culture?
  • Do I have the right mix of skills and experience to excel in this role?
  • Are members of my team friendly? Will I get along with my boss?
  • Is the vision the company sold to me during the interview process too good to be true?

These are all valid questions to ponder. As their employer, taking steps to alleviate their concerns should be a no brainer. 

But the question we have is why stop there? According to Bamboo HR, employees that have a great onboarding experience are 18 times more committed to their employer.

And a great onboarding experience leaves a new hire feeling welcomed right from the get go.

Employee Onboarding Done Right

Nothing says they're part of the team like a memorable welcome package. Even better, a welcome package containing delicious cookies in high-end packaging.

Gourmet cookies are a delicious option to offer your new hires during their first day on the job as they're universally loved, come in a variety of flavours and are known to life the spirits of anyone who tastes them.

As an employer, gifting cookies are great for a few reasons:

  • At Home - Cookies are easily delivered to the employees home without the risk of damage. When offered as a selection, They highly shareable with family and friends. A great way to spread the word about your onboarding chops.
  • In The Office - When you have delicious gourmet cookies at your desk, people come to you. Cookies as a welcome gift offers the additional benefit of incentivizing others to connect with your new hire. They can introduce themselves with the hopes of snagging a delicious cookie for themselves. It works every time.

If you're interested in gifting your new hires with world's most famous cookies, check out our corporate gifting page and contact us tick start the process.