We’re not just any cookie company.
We’re Colossal Cookie Co.

What began as a desire to create the ultimate treat to celebrate special moments has transformed into a digital brand recognized as the emerging top gifting company in North America.

 Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable cookie cravings, we sought to perfect and reimagine the ultimate cookie. Drawing on our professional experience in the e-commerce and high-end retail industries, we crafted a treat that can only be described as gastronomical cookie genius, and one that is packaged with the visual appetite in mind, too. (In the words of one wise Colossal enthusiast: the Cookies look like they could grace the pages of a high-end magazine. We won’t disagree.)

Within a few short years, Colossal Cookie Co grew into the recognizable gifting brand you know and love today. With customers across North America, it’s safe to say we’ve gone Colossal.

our vision 


“A moment may last seconds, but a memory will live forever”

We’re on a mission to help you celebrate life’s moments.

In a fast-paced world, our goal is to help people everywhere cherish the little – or big – moments that make life special. And, there’s nothing more special than a Colossal Cookie. With its delicious taste, immaculate design and premium ingredients, you’re combining the best cookie with the best moments, leaving you with even better memories.

Whether a dinner with friends or celebrating a significant milestone, make your moments even sweeter with Colossal Cookies.

COLOSSAL today & tomorrow


Colossal HQ has a lot in the works, which means you and your tastebuds should be pretty excited.

We’re currently dreaming up even more ways for you to celebrate life’s special moments. Expect better packaging, flavours unlike anything you’ve tasted, and collaborations that will see us teamed up with other innovative luxury food and gifting brands.

Plus, we’re working on even more ways for you to purchase, pick up and receive our cookies. Afterall, more Colossal is a good thing.

We’ve set the bar pretty high, so you can expect nothing less than amazing in the future.