Elevate Life's Moments


The Colossal Cookie Company was founded in 2019 on the belief that life is nothing more than an endless sequence of moments. Moments worth celebrating, moments to cherish and moments to connect.

Our famous cookies and other gifting products have become a symbol for these moments. Handcrafted from scratch and using only the highest quality ingredients, our products will help elevate your birthday parties, anniversaries and any holiday celebrations you consider as one of your moments.

With design, decadence and delight being core pieces of our DNA, we're on a pursuit to change gifting for the better.

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To reconnect a connected world by becoming the world's greatest gifting company. We’re on a mission to elevate life’s moments for our customers through design, delight and decadence.


“For us, it's about connecting through gifting, regardless of how far you are from your loved ones”

Founded by former professionals in the tech industry and high-end fashion, Giuliano and Mathilda are on a mission to create premium treats that indulge all the senses.

The idea of Colossal Cookie Co has is roots set back in 2017, when Giuliano was looking for a sweet reward to celebrate 3 upcoming milestones he set for himself. After weeks of searching, what he found left a lot to be desired. Being an overall cookie lover, Giuliano decided to create his own treats worthy of the lofty goals he set for himself. 

For the next two years, the duo spent many days crafting what has become the COLOSSAL cookies made famous today. Using sustainably sourced ingredients such as organic vanilla extract and preservative free butter coupled with beautiful packaging, Colossal Cookie Co has set the standard for presentation, quality and deliciousness.

Now, customers across North America enjoy thousands of COLOSSAL cookies every week. For some, it's that special treat to reward their own accomplishments. For many others, it's the perfect way to show appreciation, give thanks or elevate the many holidays that make life special.

Life at its core is a beautiful sequence of moments. Colossal Cookie Co is here to help you celebrate each of them.

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Our 6 Pillars to Exceptional Cookies


100% Handcrafted

Every single one of our premium cookies are handcrafted from scratch. That's right, no co-packers or machine-level processing here.


Premium Ingredients

We actively source ingredients sustainably and when possible, purchase 100% organic. There's a great deal involved in our selection process to ensure only the best ingredients make the cut.


First Class Packaging

With a team of highly skilled designers, our premium packaging is built to WOW your family, friends and guests before they take their first bite. It's a full 360 experience in delight.


COLOSSAL Dough Advantage

It all starts with our cookie dough. In fact, it takes a full 48 hours for us to perfectly create the consistency and quality required to meet the standards we set for ourselves.


Maximum Freshness

Maintaining freshness is high on our priority list. That's why we individually heat seal every one of our premium cookies. From our kitchen to your doorstep, your cookies will arrive just as fresh as they were when we first crafted them.


Expert Flavour Creators

We know what we're doing. We have a small team that obsessively tests new flavour combinations months in advance to ensure only the most decadent, bold and creative cookies see the light of day.