Cara-Latte (6 Pack)


When words cannot “espresso” how much they mean to you, surprise them with the Cara-Latte. 

We turned the trendy Caramel Macchiato into a sumptuous treat you don’t need to wait in line for. With Italian espresso infused directly into the dough, Swiss cocoa powder, and two types of Belgian chocolate – don’t forget the caramel – you’re in for a decadent bite.

Straws? Definitely not needed here. 

Perfect For: Chocoholics, Coffee drinkers & Early risers

Pair With: Iced cappuccino

Available in quantities of 6

Flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk chocolate, Caramel white chocolate, Eggs, Cocoa powder, Espresso, Organic vanilla extract, Salt, Baking powder, Baking soda

Contains: Wheat, Egg & Milk.

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