The Delectable Duo (6 Pack)


Twice The Indulgence

More choices equal more flavour options... and who wouldn't want that?

You now have the option of pairing two of your favourite COLOSSAL Cookie flavours into one delicious box. Give the gift you KNOW they'll love or treat yourself with exactly what you want. It's the sweetest win-win situation around.

Our Promise To You

  • Your COLOSSAL Cookies will only ever contain real ingredients. No preservatives.
  • You won't find cheap add-ins here. Just top grade chocolate and other premium mix-ins.
  • The COLOSSAL Dough Advantage - Our multi-step, 48 hour process results in a dough that's irresistibly crispy on the outside and  gooey on the inside.
  • Each and every cookie is completely handcrafted with meticulous attention and care.  

Available in quantities of 6

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