The Characteristics of Exceptional Cookies

Cookies. The very thought of the word can bring a smile on the face of even the most grumpy of individuals. They're convenient enough to bring on your work commute or enjoyed at home with a nice cup of coffee. Cookies are the perfect feel-good treat for any occasion.

It's not hard to buy cookies in Canada. From the cookie shops opening up throughout the country to your neighbourhood grocery store, it's safe to say cookies are gaining in popularity every single day.

It's also an easy task to buy mediocre cookies. For every great cookie you find there are a dozen not worth the money spent to buy them. We here at Colossal Cookie Co want to set the record straight by showing you what goes into an absolutely great cookie.

Making premium cookies is what we do. it's only fair to share our knowledge and arm you with the key characteristics to look for when shopping for premium cookies.

Fudged Up. The chocolate fudge cookie from Colossal Cookie Co

The Perfect Texture

We're sure most of you have bitten into a cookie that was crispy all the way through. Or worse, turn to mush in your hands after a few seconds in the microwave. Gross.

This is often the result of using cheap ingredients or rushed baking practices based on mass production.

The best cookies have layers of texture. A slightly crisp outer shell that holds up to some heat with an inner core that's soft and chewy. Premium cookies taste great at room temperature, straight out of the fridge or slightly heated.

Creating cookies in small batches is key. This results in cookie dough that's temperature controlled and held at various stages of creation to ensure the right consistency is reached.

Consistency at a high level allows you to enjoy every single bite.

Size is King

Flat cookies, in our opinion, are a thing of the past. We much prefer cookies you can really sink your teeth into and believe most Canadians feel the same.

The important thing to keep in mind is thick cookies are mostly a product of expert baking practices rather than just cramming in cheap fluff to increase its size. The PB Peak is the perfect example of this. While it's full of delicious mix-ins, the quality of the dough and the preparation methods used to get it to this stage are what provides its beautiful size.

Get the most from your investment in sweet pleasure. Get cookies that are big in quality and size.

The Quality Ingredients

Believe it or not, the core ingredients that make up a cookie can really fluctuate the flavour, texture and shelf life of the finished product. Ingredients like butter, eggs and sugar can either make sweet cookie perfection or something you wouldn't want to share with your friends and family.

Always look for a cookie that's made with premium ingredients. If the cookie contains some organic ingredients even better.

Creating a sustainable product is important and should be part of your decision making process. It will result in a feel good situation for you all around.

The Mix-Ins

Great cookies contain creativity. The toppings mixed into the cookie dough matter and a good cookie has unique flavour combinations and toppings. The truly great cookies are not only creative but have ingredients that pair perfectly together.

It's rather easy to make a cookie too sweet, or too mushy with cramming cookie dough with cheap toppings that have high moisture content or just too much sugar. The best cookies are crafted with balance in mind. As an example, loading a cookie with milk chocolate is great but adding too much is easier than you think, resulting in a cookie you can't fully enjoy. Introducing freshly roasted nuts and a more bitter chocolate to the mix is a great way to neutralize the sugar. The GOAT cookie is a perfect example of an expertly crafted cookie that understands flavour balance from its mix-ins, resulting in a great tasting cookie.

The Best Cookies Are Worth It

Cookies are considered Canada's favourite dessert for a reason. While it's easy to stop at a cheap bakery or supermarket for your fix, the amount of pleasure gained from that first bite is less than worth it.

Instead, invest in some cookies that are truly worth every bite. It's the simple pleasures in life that can often times be the most luxurious.