4 Tried & True Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It's chilly outside, heart shaped items are seen aplenty and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of sweet nothings whispered into the ears of lovebirds throughout town.

Yes, Valentine's Day is upon us. And while it's always a good idea to express your feelings to your boo, It's the one time of year where romance can be taken to exciting new levels.

Are you looking for date ideas this Valentine's Day and running short on options? We have you covered. Below you'll find 4 tried and true date ideas (and our personal favorites) to enjoy with your love this Valentine's Day.

Get Sweaty

No, we're not talking about THAT. At least not yet.

We all have a little bit of athlete in us. A night out with your date is the perfect time to bring a little bit of that out. Hit the slopes or brave the outdoor skating rink this February 14th and watch as the chemistry between the two of you sizzle in the chilly winter evening.

Being active is a great way to to leverage another form of communication so critical for couples - body language. Couples that sweat together, stay together.

Home Sweet Home

As the famous saying goes, the simple things in life are usually the most luxurious. In our mind, there's nothing more luxurious that an intimate evening at home with your Valentine, sharing some delectable sweets together.

So why not gift your date with a selection of premium, handcrafted cookies? Our personal favourite to indulge in this time of year is The Cinnsation. These cinnamon cookies are the perfect combination of sugar and spice to make everything nice for the two of you on Valentines Day.

Besides, snuggling up on the couch with some cookies and a captivating movie is the perfect date in our books.

Walk Down Memory Lane

This suggestion is a bit out there but can open up a whole world of meaningful conversations. 

It's always intimate to go for an evening stroll with your partner. Why not turn this traditional date idea into something special? If logistics allow, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to revisit each others childhood neighbourhood for some good old reminiscing. Not only will you work on your communication skills with each other, you'll also learn much more about your date and what made them into the person they are now. 

We're gushing just at the thought of it!

Spice Up Your Culinary Skills

While the traditional restaurant date is the first thing that usually comes to mind for couples looking for date ideas on Valentine's Day, why not take a new culinary spin on things?

You should definitely flirt with the idea of attending a cooking class together. It's the perfect way to work on your team building skills together and learn some new cooking styles on the side.

The best part, there are usually classes that focus on a specific cuisine. This allows you to explore the culinary world from Thailand to Italy. Literally whatever your heart desires.

To make the night perfect, add some sweet to the spice by gifting a selection of premium cookies to your Valentine. Nothing says "I'm a sweetheart" like giving your babe some handcrafted sweets.

Make It Memorable

Whatever you choose, make sure to let your date know how much he/she means to you.

Great memories like these are something to cherish for years to come, and can be used as a catalyst for many exciting dates in the future.