Why Cookies Make The Best Gifts

Delivering the perfect gift is a form of magic. It's one of those unique exchanges in life where the giver and receiver share equal amounts of joy and delight during the exchange.

While we would never say no to being on the receiving end of the perfect gift, nothing conjures up the feels more than delighting someone by being the giver.

The best gifts are able to touch all the senses. Are easily delivered with minimal hassle and come in a variety of flavours to satisfy even the pickiest of cravings.

In other words, gifting cookies is the most universally acceptable solution for any of life's special moments.

And we're not talking about gifting just any cookies. Big, bold and creative cookies that contain the highest quality ingredients and completely handcrafted. We're writing this post to pitch to you why cookies are the ultimate gift for anyone and for any occasion. 

Ready to hear more? We thought so.

Cookies Have Limitless Flavour Potential

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, they also come in an endless supply of flavour combinations.

As an example, the classic chocolate chip cookie is the world's most popular flavour but can be a bit cookie cutter after a while (pun intended).  Experimenting with the quality and type of chocolate used along with the addition of a few other mix-ins can really elevate this iconic flavour. Which is exactly what we did with The GOAT.

With cookies, the ingredients matter. You always want to shop for a cookie with flavours that compliment each other extremely well. Sharp contrasts in mix-ins can nullify each other and create a beautiful, decadent balance when done right.

Now for the fun part. Determining which flavours to send to all the special people on your shopping list. You can go as traditional or as whacky as your heart desires.

Cookies Are Highly Portable

Want to take a box of cookies to show appreciation to your employees and co-workers? No problem. Want to ship a gift box of sweet treats across the country to your parents? Also no sweat.

Cookies are relatively compact. When packaged well, they can travel to the ends of the Earth and arrive in perfect condition, fresh like they were just out of the oven.

Look for a company that has experience shipping cookies as there are many factors to consider such as the perfect times to seal the cookies, the proper amount of packaging needed and the proper shipping boxes to use.  A company that offers excellent attention-to-detail in the gifting process will always be better than the average bakery. 

Cookies Are Great For Sharing

Cutting a cake is messy and flowers aren't really shareable. This isn't the case with a delicious set of cookies.

Having a variety of cookie flavours makes it easy to share with a group of your closest friends. Pick and choose the flavours most appealing to you or slice a few up and try a bit of everything.

Sure, flowers are nice to look at and smell but do you really want to taste them? Cookies check off all the senses from feeling it's delicate touch to tasting their exquisite flavours.

If you were to offer us a selection of 10 gifts we would choose ten flavours of cookies every time.

Cookies Can Be Paired Extremely Well

Cookies enjoyed on their own is bliss. Cookies paired with the perfect beverage is pure heaven.

Take coffee as an example. Have you ever tried dipping a cookie in a hot cup of java? It's one of Earth's best kept secrets. The bitterness of the coffee balances out the sweetness of the cookie, meshing into a delicious combination of flavours. Not to mention transforming the cooking into a melt-in-your-mouth, decadent treat.

Even better, there are many beverages to experiment with. Milk, Hot chocolate and even certain types of liquors go well with exceptional cookies. Experimentation is key (and part of the fun) when choosing the perfect cookies for a gift. You can even pair a luxury gift set of cookies with a bottle of perfectly pair liquor for the ultimate experience of the senses.

Cookies Are the Ultimate Comfort Food

It doesn't matter if you're overjoyed, sad, stressed or in a celebratory mood. There is a cookie for that.

Cookies have a special place in the hearts of sweet cravers everywhere. It can take you back to a time during childhood when the smell of freshly baked goods were wafting in the air from grandma's kitchen. Or it can provide that kick of pleasure sometimes needed when gearing up to complete a lingering goal that has been planned for months.

In short, cookies can provide a boost of pleasure to reward, celebrate or improve any situation.


No matter who the recipient is, it's safe to say they'll enjoy a selection of handcrafted baking perfection in the form of premium cookies.

Now that the perfect gift is identified, why settle for cheap, lower quality alternatives? Choose COLOSSAL cookies and spread joy and delight to all those around you.